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Saturday, August 8, 2015

A trailer or car float require some changes to your driving

You may be an experienced driver, but driving while towing a trailer or car float is a whole new ballgame. Check with the staff at Haynes Hire prior to driving off as to the suitability of the trailer or car float behind your car. You should also check your car owner's manual for the safe load limit for your particular vehicle.

Towing changes how your car drives

Your car will react differently with the load of a trailer behind. It may only be a few subtle differences, but they can make all the difference. Acceleration and braking performance will be hindered, as well as steering and control. Give yourself a little more time to arrive at your location as it is advisable to drive a few notches under the recommended speed limit.

Points to keep in mind with a trailer or car float

  • Trailers don't always follow a nice turning path. Allow more room to turn a corner.
  • Give other traffic plenty of notice when changing lanes
  • Keep a smooth acceleration and braking action
  • Throw it back a gear when travelling downhill to help stay in control
  • Make sure no one is watching if you're reversing with a trailer or car float for the first time! Practice, practice, practice

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